TOMARHER is the author of science fiction, dark fantasy, history, thriller, and mystery novels; ex-military, technology specialist and restless traveler, he has traveled to numerous countries on four continents to be inspired by the development of his extensive work.

He likes science fiction, history and photography. I have traveled to places as diverse as Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Malta, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, India, Nepal, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Finland, Estonia , Colombia and Mexico. Currently, for work reasons, he resides in Belize.

On a creative level, he is the author of novels and plays (with the work: La Mora Encantada performed in 2008). Within the literary world, he published his first printed novel in 2001 (Al Amanecer), which was presented at the Alphaville Cinemas in Madrid. that same year. Later, he presented other novels on Guadalajara TV and the Regional Houses of Guadalajara and Castilla la Mancha. From then until now, I have written three plays, poetry, press articles and some more novels for different publishers; Aache, Clara Letter, Effect 2000 and Gas Light among others. Although currently it has focused on the field of digital publishing at the hands of Amazon, Kobo and other digital platforms.




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