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For centuries the gods have guarded the people of Hispania, but it is now, in the greatest time of need, that a sword is given to the heir of ancient lineage.
It is time for the different peoples of Hispania to unite against a terrible and bloody invader, it is time for one man to lead them to victory and for his legend to be forged. The sons of Rome will fear to speak his name and for generations, to speak it means freedom.
This is a story of wars and betrayals, of unbribable loyalties and impossible love stories.
During the Celtiberian Wars, the warlike confrontations that took place throughout the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC between the Roman Republic and the different Celtiberian peoples that inhabited the Iberian Peninsula provoked an amalgam of skirmishes, confrontations and epic deeds.
Viriato is recorded in Roman sources as the leader of the Lusitanian tribe, who fought against Roman expansion into Hispania in the mid-2nd century BC in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula.
This is the story of resistance, of a family, of the gods, of their magic and of a mythical sword. This is the story of Indomitus.

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“This book is dedicated to the slave who consumed his life in oblivion, to the unknown soldier killed by the ambition of his general, but first and foremost, this book is dedicated to those who gave their lives in defence of their freedom regardless of time, place and price.” – Tolmarher

With the Punic Wars over, a terrible time begins for Hispania. Rome begins its conquest with an iron fist and the Celtiberians face the greatest threat in their history: the loss of their freedom!
Arde Numancia tells the story of the Numantine uprising through the eyes of a lineage of Bello and Areva warriors, who, driven by their thirst for freedom and their hopes, will be irremediably led to tragedy.
From the uprising of the Belian city Segeda, the victory of the warlord Caros in the incredible battle of Vulcania to the fall of the mythical city at the hands of Publius Cornelius Scipio, you will live a story of war, passion, ambition and the search for freedom at any price.

Arde Numancia will reveal a time and places unknown more than two thousand years ago. To discover that in these fateful times; freedom and its search was and is a feeling so current and heartbreaking, that despite the centuries that have passed, we are not so far away from their feelings and their struggle.

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The Legend of the Enchanted Moor is a gripping historical drama set at the height of the Reconquest.

After the conquest of the Sierra de Altomira, in the Lower Alcarria, the Castilian armies set out on a crusade to guarantee the safeguarding of the Fortress of Zorita, a new place conquered from the infidel enemy.
This frontier territory between Muslim and Christian Spain was commanded by the knight Don Alvar Fáñez, former lieutenant of El Cid, and soon became the axis of the war between the Emir of the city of Iuliana and the knights of the Castilian crusade. Between jealousies, duels and intrigues, a young knight named Rodrigo will meet the Emir’s daughter, unleashing suspicions and betrayals that will precipitate the events towards an uncertain end, sealed by a forbidden love.

“When Don Alfonso VI, King of Castile, León and Galicia by the grace of God, Our Lord, and Don Alvar Fáñez de Minaya, captain of the Castilian armies advanced in the fortress of Zorita, a frontier land, a story took place in those places that I am pleased to relate to you; for there were no lovers, nor pleas, nor hardships under the sun of Castile that have as much merit to be narrated and remembered as the events that I will now tell you about deserve to be.
You should know that this was a time of wars and merciless struggles, when the Castilian killed the Moor and the Moor killed the Castilian”.

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Hispania, 6th Century

Learn about a unique historical drama that will surprise you.
After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, new forces are fighting for control of Hispania. The young Visigothic kingdom is torn between internal disputes and new threats that seek to undermine its integrity. The powerful King Leovigild had a great city built in honour of his heir, Prince Recaredo. Meanwhile, in the south of the kingdom, his first-born son, Hermenegild, conspired against the king in favour of the new Catholic faith, which was gaining followers among the Arian ranks.
Religion, passion, hatred and betrayal are the ingredients of this gripping and moving historical plot, which will show you a forgotten history that laid the foundations of a nation.

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Europe could never forget those epic heroes, those warrior monks who proudly and passionately defended their island against all odds.
For four months the Order of the Knights Hospitaller resisted the invasion of the fearsome Ottoman armada and its mesnades of janissaries and Berber mercenaries. The greatest war power of its time.
The fort of San Telmo suffered the first and greatest attack. The brave defenders only caught their breath when the Spanish galleys were finally able to break the sea siege and thus discover the tremendous and heroic deed that had taken place there.
Jean Parisot de la Valette, Grand Master of the Order of Malta, ordered the men of San Telmo to resist to the last, holding off the invaders long enough to prevent the capture of the island. This is the story of those heroes.

Through the eyes of a young man forcibly recruited into the Hospitaller Order, he experiences one of the greatest battles of the 16th century; The Siege of Malta was the siege in 1565 of the island of Malta, the seat of the Order of Malta – also called the Hospitaller Order of St John – by the Ottoman Empire, which attempted to conquer it and which culminated in the defeat of the Ottoman invaders.

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Love, passion and fierce wars, in a struggle for power and survival, that will undoubtedly transport you to that uncertain time of mighty heroes and courageous but grim deeds.

A time for passion, love and war. The birth of a race and a nation
Lust, love, passion and a torrent of emotions, in the midst of one of the greatest epic epics of all time.
Hernán Cortés longs for the gold and glory of the Aztec empire and will stop at nothing to get it, although sometimes the price for achieving dreams is too high for one man.
Tears of Quetzalcoatl, will transport you to a time of legend and adventure, discovering the Aztec empire at its peak, the terrible Mayan warriors, in the decline of their great civilization and the fortunes and misfortunes of the Conquistadors; quarrelsome, cruel, but above all brave; in their desperate struggle in pursuit of glory and fortune. Experience the passion and forbidden love between the princess Malintzin and Cortés and their adventure from the intoxicating beaches of the Caribbean Sea, passing through the unfathomable jungles of the Yucatán, until they reach the glorious city of Tenochtitlán, governed by the superb figure of the powerful tlatoani Moctezuma.

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