Continuus Nexus Reading Guide


Reading orders

There are different ways to read the Continuus Nexus, you will have to choose the one that best suits your preferences.

Today, there are three ways of approaching the reading of the Continuus Nexus which we will try to summarise. The first is the simplest and the chronological one, the second would be the simplest and the third and last, undoubtedly the best (the one recommended by Tolmarher), but certainly the most complex, is the one that will make the reader understand the Continuus Nexus in its entirety.


Order Recommended by Tolmarher

The Purity deals with 3 plots that start from Legends of the Black Sun and 2 that start from Chronicles of Aqueron. It is possible to make a more summarised reading in order to get hooked on the main series that is The Purity. Even so, reading the first four Chronicles of Aqueron novels gives us a complete understanding of the saga.

  1. Messiah of Aqueron
  2. Return to the Stars
  3. Legends of the Black Sun (complete series)
  4. The Purity (complete series)

They would therefore be optional but recommended in order to understand the overall context:

  1. The Dark Plague
  2. Shadows of Aqueron
  3. Warriors of Aqueron
  4. The Tables of Destiny

Chronological order

The reading will be by complete series in a very clear order:

  1. Legends of the Black Sun (complete series)
  2. Chronicles of Aqueron (complete series)
  3. The Purity (complete series)

Simple order

It is for readers who don’t want to make reading too complicated and are looking for something more relaxed and simple, but without going too deep (also for complete series):

  1. Legends of the Black Sun (complete series)
  2. The Purity (complete series)
  3. Chronicles of Aqueron (complete series)


Context of the Continuus Nexus

The infinite serpent devouring space and time.

What is the Continuus Nexus? From the Latin continuous connection, it is the term used by the novelist Tolmarher to name in a unified way his universe of literary sagas of Science Fiction and Dark Fantasy: Chronicles of Aqueron, Legends of the Black Sun, The Purity and other future ones, which have in common a series of events or spatio-temporal links that connect the different plots of this expanded multiverse. In such a way that, although all the sagas can be read and understood independently, when read as a whole and understood from the perspective of the Continuus Nexus, the reader reaches a much higher degree of understanding and discovery of the secrets of this history of the past and future of the human species in our galaxy and in other galaxies such as the Exodus.
As the Purity saga begins, 3 galaxies will be connected at different points in time: Exodus, the Milky Way of Aqueron and the Milky Way of Purity; three realities ready to go through the gate and manifest again.

Only by understanding the Continuus Nexus can it be understood that there are common elements in the naming of terms, events and even characters that appear in the different sagas.
In Purity it is the Continuus world that adds its name to the Nexus, presenting that mysterious door to the unknown that in Chronicles of Aqueron is The Breach over a Victorian London, or the explosion in the portals generated by the Me Tablets, during the Gehenna that swept the surface of Aqueron and that transports its protagonists to different times and places that will draw the destiny of their respective galaxies.
In Black Sun, we must go back to the first novel in its Annex on Stellar History and the appearance of the temporal Stellar Anomaly through which the Arryn contingent reached the Exodus; and to the last novel, in which Jeor, son of Sael, travels through time and space, after the collapse of the Exo gate network, in his final attack against the Arcane.
It is now, in The Purity, that the Nexus manifests in Continuus and gives it its name, this time, forever; as a palpable, tangible and continuous reality in all the past, present and future sagas of this multiverse.

The differences between these space-time realities are remarkable; while in Legends of the Black Sun we find a humanity that for two and a half thousand years has had hardly any interaction with non-human species, in Chronicles of Aqueron, it is other species that guide evolution and enslave the human species for generations and beyond this, in the purity of an Alternate Milky Way, we find an even darker and more sinister universe; in which humanity has been fighting for thousands of years against a multitude of alien plagues and against its own evolutionary impulse.
The Continuus Nexus is shown as an ancient secret, hidden by many secret civilisations and organisations at their highest levels of power; its symbol is the serpent of knowledge; a reptile that stretches across an infinite multiverse connecting galaxies and space-time lines in an endless cyclical becoming of life and destruction; of death and rebirth, of chaos, light and darkness. Forever and ever.


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