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The Devil’s Caress is a gripping thriller of mystery, ritual murder and supernatural magic with the Alhambra in Granada as the backdrop to a story that will keep you hooked. La Caricia del Diablo, starts with an almost infinite mystical base, that of the mythical Granada and its renowned Sacromonte, origin of multiple legends and myths that according to the story, the fall of the Nasrid Kingdom provoked the flight of the Arab nobles, hiding their treasures in the Monte de Valparaíso in Granada for fear of robbery during the journey. Their slaves were freed and sought the fortune of their lords. Although they found nothing, their excavations gave them refuge in what are now the picturesque caves for which Sacromonte is famous. The gypsies also settled there, practising rituals to find the whereabouts of such succulent treasure. Whether it remains hidden there is a mystery…

The Devil’s Caress; “I’m dead my love… We all are… – He let out a demonic laugh – It’s just that some people don’t know it yet”.
Every good girl deserves a bad guy…. Or maybe not?  Memories and stacked corpses can play tricks on us, but most of all, promises. This is a dark, dirty story, and it’s spattered with the blood of the innocent. You can’t run away from your promises, you can’t run away from your ghosts, you can’t give up your soul; a bloody reliquary, the mysteries of Sacromonte and an abandoned village in the wasteland of Alava are the pieces of this puzzle. An investigation that will lead its protagonist through a labyrinth of secrets, black magic, sex and blood; between Madrid and Granada.
La Caricia del Diablo is an absolutely addictive and original story.

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Tolmarher, premieres in the Alphaville Cinemas in Madrid (in Plaza España) in 2001 the novel that he will finish a few years earlier, in 1998: Al Amanecer. The premiere was attended by actors and a large cocktail party for the hundreds of guests who attended the event. This grand presentation was the gala and kick-off event for a literary career that has lasted ever since.

Al Amanecer tells a story about the damned, about love and the search for truth, about the secrets of blood and soul. It tells of time and the mysterious sands of the desert. You have before you the book of the children of the night, of the drinkers of souls and their gods of the underworld.

At the end of the 20th century, in a sordid and grey Madrid. León is a ruined art dealer and presumed habitual suspect. After the disappearance of a friend, he finds himself involved in something far beyond his most sordid nightmares. A revenge planned thousands of years ago, when the world was still young.

On the desert sands stood an ancient and haughty city ruled by the gods of blood. From its cracked and buried ruins, lies hidden and hidden, the secret of the queen of the damned. She is the true protagonist, Lilith the queen goddess of shadows. Weaving her spider’s web over the fate of mortals…, she will set a trap for her temporary lover, seduce him in her labyrinth of sex and blood, spinning his destiny of revenge towards the end of days…

At Dawn tells of Lilith, who is a legendary figure in Jewish folklore, of Mesopotamian origin. She is considered to be Adam’s first wife, before Eve. According to legend (which does not appear in the Bible), she left Eden on her own initiative and settled by the Red Sea, joining there with Samael or Satan, who became her lover, and other demons. Later, he became a demon who abducts children from their cradles at night and unites with men as a succubus, begetting children (the lilim) with the semen that males involuntarily spill when they are sleeping (nocturnal pollution). She is depicted as a very beautiful, sometimes winged, woman.

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La Conjura Z is a fast-paced thriller, set in a terrifying future. The scene is set in a Madrid in ruins, after the last throes of a zombie world war. This is the setting for Caronte, a mysterious amnesiac prisoner who holds an incredible secret sunk in the dark and dreary depths of his mind, wracked by pain, guilt and a terrible struggle that has taken a toll on mankind that is far too costly.

“My country was now a third world country, just like the other European nations and the rest of the former first world. Everything had been razed and consumed after the war, and it is inevitable not to be reminded of this whenever one looks up and sees any street, avenue or square, or the smouldering remains of what were once shining and proud cities.” – “Who could have predicted that this would be the future of Western Europe? A dunghill of blackened, steaming cities…, with masses of refugees coming and going with no apparent destination, no future.”

Aeneas is the nickname by which a high-ranking civil servant is identified to interview a mysterious prisoner named Charon accused of killing the European Prime Minister, after a zombie war that has desolated everything. But Charon suffers from amnesia and barely remembers anything before the start of the war…
Why did he commit the assassination, where did his military knowledge come from, what lies behind the appearance of the mysterious virus that wiped out three quarters of the world’s population?

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Two brothers clash for the love of an elven princess. Three kingdoms vie for the power of a land dotted with magic and monsters.

We plunge into a medieval and chaotic world, charged by the violence of war and flashes of arcane magic. Where intrigues and steel will mark the destiny of an ancient lineage of kings; Three ancient kingdoms of men, are driven to war, under the shadow and the designs of ancient demons asleep and forgotten, in the cavernous hollows between glaciers and rugged mountains. Where legends and arcane promises yearn to take their toll.

This is the story of two brothers, pitted against each other by love and ambition for the throne. The story of a legendary lineage, and the uncertain future of a cursed kingdom.

This is an epic medieval fantasy novel, straddling the ethereal worlds of Tolkien and the power dramas of George R. R. Martin. The Dungeon Watch is a novel of political intrigue, immersed in a world where magic is artful and hidden… hidden in the shadows. For it is perceived only in small fragments, yearning to emerge to the surface in the form of races of elves, dwarves, orcs and demons that wait in the shadows, waiting to be satiated with the blood of mortals, who remain oblivious to the threat; enraptured by greed, envy, rancour and war.

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They have always been among us; between this world and the other.
The Dreamwalkers; is a novel that will take you on a journey through space, time, dreams and death. An unforgettable story that will grip you from beginning to end.
The journey will begin after a painful divorce. Javier is a castaway, a fugitive from his own life, who is torn between suicide and escape or entering “the beach” and accepting the proposal of a mysterious old man; a dark story, on the verge of suicide and madness. Through the door of the spirit: Are there other worlds? Beyond death and tangible reality, in the skin of many lives. Dreamwalkers have existed since the beginning of time, since before time itself existed. They live many lives, and travel through bodies and souls; an invaded city of Prague, 21st century Spain during an existential crisis, Cold War Berlin or a dark and sinister medieval world, where monsters, sex and blood mark the lives of its tormented inhabitants. That is the path of the Dreamwalker, to the end of time, to the end of all days. Will you be the next walker? They have chosen you and now you, you must cross their path…

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Madrid – Spain. Year 2005

The Windsor Tower in Madrid is consumed after an unexpected fire at night; strange lights are seen on the lower floors of the building, not yet consumed by the calls. Assassins from the Middle East and secret societies conspire to recover a terrible secret.

A year earlier, in Madrid, the terrible attack of 11M took place. Julia is the mother and wife of two missing people. The events are precipitated when she discovers that her late husband was not really who he said he was and this discovery introduces her to a terrible plot, which will lead her to escape and search for a secret buried by the weight of centuries and whose pieces are scattered in the most enigmatic places on the planet, guarded and pursued by the mysterious secret society Thule.

The author once again challenges readers with an intelligent, fast-paced story that offers surprises on every page. The Thule Conspiracy is a thrilling novel.

The Thule Society, originally the German Antiquity Study Group, was an occult, racist group in Munich created by Rudolf von Sebottendorff, notable primarily for being the organisation that sponsored the German Workers’ Party (DAP), later transformed by Adolf Hitler into the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP). Therefore, and the main interest of the Thule Society was a claim on the origins of the Aryan race. “Thule” was a country situated by Greco-Roman geographers in the farthest north. The society was named after the Last Thule, mentioned by the Roman poet Virgil in his epic poem Aeneid, which was the northernmost portion of Thule and is often assimilated to Scandinavia. Philosophy designated it as the capital of Hyperborea and placed Ultima Thule in the far north near Greenland or Iceland.

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